Admissions Process (K-8)


  • Contact the Admissions Office at 818.353.1106 to schedule a tour.
  • Submit the application online, by mail or in person.
  • Schedule and complete achievement testing.
  • Personal interview with principal as necessary.
  • Final acceptance by letter.


  • Our Lady of Lourdes School takes the following into consideration for student admission: Non-Discriminatory Policy: Our Lady of Lourdes School does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.
  • Achievements reviewed:
    • Assessment testing in math and reading.
    • Report Card from the prior year.
    • Performance at or above grade level in achievement and citizenship.
    • Successful completion of the previous grade
  • Attitude considerations:
    • Departure status from prior school is acceptable.
    • Report Card comments and citizenship are outstanding.
    • Student expresses an enthusiastic, personal desire to attend Our Lady of Lourdes School
    • Parent shows a positive attitude towards the school policies and programs.


Set forth below are the admission priority guidelines Our Lady of Lourdes School. These guidelines are intended to aid Our Lady of Lourdes School Administration in determining the order in which qualified student applicants should be offered admission to the school in the event the number of such applicants for a particular class or grade exceeds the number of available openings. It should be noted that the following are guidelines and not
inviolable rules.

Our Lady of Lourdes School reserves the right to consider other factors or criteria and to deviate from these guidelines as it deems appropriate under the circumstances. It should further be noted that the priorities set forth below are to be accorded only to qualified applicants, i.e., applicants who have timely and fully satisfied all requirements for admission to the Our Lady of Lourdes School, including testing, submission of
application and registration materials, payment of required fees, etc. Applicants, including current enrollees, who have not timely and fully satisfied all such requirements shall not be accorded any priority in admission. Current and prospective students alike should contact the School office to confirm each year’s registration deadline to conform to above timeliness requirements.

  • First priority: Applicants who attended the school at the completion of the prior academic year.
  • Second priority: Applicants who did not attend the school at the completion of the prior academic year but have one or more siblings currently enrolled in the
  • Third priority: Applicants who do not qualify for priority under any of the foregoing but who have a parent who is a paid full-time employee of the school.
  • Fourth priority: Applicants of registered families from Our Lady of Lourdes parish
  • Fifth priority: All other qualified applicants.


New Students: required to present proof of immunization and to meet the State of California’s current immunization requirements for their age.

Transfer Students: required to show proof of all immunizations and must meet the most current state requirements regardless of age, including Varicella. Please refer to the information received in your registration packet. Please contact our school office for further information.

First grade entry: requires that a Report of Health Examination for School Entry (PM171A) be completed and signed by the physician and placed in your child’s school file. The health examination must have taken place within the period 18 months prior first grade entry. Copies of this form are available in the front office.