Our Lady of Lourdes Rose Cottage Preschool

The Rose Cottage Preschool welcomes you to the Our Lady of Lourdes family! Our family includes the preschool, elementary, junior high, church, parish, and community. The values of the home, school, and church are of the utmost importance. You are a part of the family that ensures these values are nurtured.


Our Lady of Lourdes Rose Cottage Preschool is designed to provide a quality faith-based, developmentally appropriate program ministering in the Spirit of Christ to children ages three to five years old. Rose Cottage Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum with an emphasis on self-help skills, respect for self and others, and hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to seek mastery through exploration and experimentation in addition to being taught basic pre-reading and math skills. Our enriched curriculum has been created to invite young learners to actively engage in the world around them.

As part of the Our Lady of Lourdes faith community, the preschool will be involved in many of the activities sponsored by Our Lady of Lourdes elementary and junior high school, as well as the church.

At Rose Cottage Preschool, we believe that a low teacher to child ratio allows more opportunities for learning, building secure attachments with caregivers, and maintains a higher level of safety and trust. Our preschool classrooms are staffed with one teacher and one aide for every fifteen children. The on-site director oversees the entire program and is available to assist in the classrooms. Parent volunteers are welcomed and encouraged.

Our Lady of Lourdes Rose Cottage Preschool is a cooperative learning environment acknowledging parents as the primary educators of their children and teachers as facilitators of the learning process. The Rose Cottage Preschool sees parents as an integral part of the program. Daily communication is facilitated through ongoing dialogue with the staff, as well as announcements, newsletters, and bulletins. The Parent Information Board posts updated information for families.

The Rose Cottage follows Our Lady of Lourdes School’s School-wide Learning Expectations (SLE) by helping our children to become: Responsible Citizens, Self Aware Individuals, Effective Communicators, Life Long Learners and Faith-filled Catholics.

These expectations are encouraged by helping our young learners care about people, animals, and nature, self discovery, awareness of feelings and ideas, and developing a friendship with Jesus.