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PARENT NEWS BULLETIN 10/31 -11/04/16


10/31 -11/04/16

Our Lady of Lourdes School: People of Character

10/31   Monday           Morning Assembly –Halloween Costume Awards

      Treats for Troops Candy Drive all week

      Bell Choir practice

      “B” Football practice

      Dance Class

      Spanish Class

Bingo workers:          Jung family

11/01   Tuesday           No SCHOOL – Happy All Saints Day!

      No R.E classes


11/02 Wednesday       Jr. High Living Saints Museum 10:15

      Spanish Class

      Chess Club

      “B” Football game – home

11/03   Thursday         Liturgical Singing practice at 9:30

      “B” Football game – home

11/04   Friday              Mass 8:30 Thanks Mrs. De Francia and 5th grade.

      Last day for Treats for Troops

      12:30 Dismissal


Bingo workers:          Luis Aguilar, Trigueros, and Mark Aguilar                       

11/5 Saturday              Daylight Savings Time ends. Turn clocks BACK one hour and enjoy the extra hour of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!

FREE DRESS on Monday! Students may wear alternative dress because of their fabulous behavior at the Halloween carnival.

Thanks to Kristen Rosauer, Angela Rocha, Jessica Anastacio, Fabiola Patron, Amor Genova, Mia Zuniga, Linda Martinez and our fabulous PTO and all our helping parents for a ghoulishly wonderful Halloween Carnival!

Treats for Troops! Your sweet donation of bags of Halloween candy will be a welcome treat for our military overseas! Thanks to Mrs. Bowers for organizing this good will mission! God bless our military and our country!

We are in need of a Girls’ Basketball Coach! The season usually lasts about six weeks. Practices and games are usually twice a week. Let Mrs. Money know if you are available.


Save the Date!  Grandparents’ Day is Friday, December 2nd. Ask your grandma and/or grandpa to save this date on their calendar. Invitations will be sent out soon. Please submit a picture of your grandma and/or grandpa by November 17th.

Thanks to Student Council for planning Red Ribbon Week. OLL donated $129 to Homeboy Industries from the donut sale! God bless you!


VETERANS’ DAY CELEBRATION Join us to honor our Veterans and military currently serving our country on Thursday, November 10th, at 1:30 pm in the auditorium.  (Please note the time change) All relatives who have served or are currently serving in the military are invited to attend in uniform.

$CRIP is gift cards from companies who donate directly to OLL at no cost to you! Did you know…that CVS will give you back CASH if your gift card balance is less than $10.00?


Buy your Van Gogh & Vine tickets now! Save the date of Dec. 2nd!


The first trimester ends on November 10th.  Make sure your child turns in any missing assignments before then to get proper credit! Go online to to check your child’s progress. You can set up alarms so you’ll be notified via Gradelink if your child’s grade dips below where you want it. You can also set it up to be notified when he/she scores highly on a test. If you need help accessing your child’s account, call the office for assistance.


Buy your Christmas Trees from St. Francis High School! Orders are due Nov. 10th. See the attached flier for prices!


The flu season is coming. Please, if your child is feverish, complaining of stomachache or headache, or vomiting, DON’T send him/her to school. If administering cough syrup before school, please check the label. Medicines that are alcohol-free are available and won’t put your child to sleep in class! Your child must be fever-free for 24 hours without taking any fever reducing medicine before returning to school. Please help us all stay healthy.



St. Francis Christmas Tree Flyer.pdf

LACROSSE FLYER Fall 2016.pdf