Scrip Fundraising Opportunities
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Scrip is a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your purchases to the school. Families participate by purchasing scrip in the form of gift cards and paper certificates. Scrip is also available electronically as eScrip or by registering membership cards on-line with certain grocery and department stores. Though Scrip is a parish-wide fundraiser, the profits go directly into the school’s regular operating budget.
Scrip can be purchased after each of the Masses on the weekends and through the school office.

Scrip Coordinator: Ann Rhodes


Scrip Frequently Asked Questions

  • Families are required to make a net contribution via Scrip purchase percentage of $200 to OLL. This can be achieved through eScrip and paper/gift card Scrip purchases. Merchant donations range from about 1% to 20% of the amount purchased and average about 8%. The school makes a profit from each purchase based on the donation. For example, purchasing $2500.00 in scrip ($208.34 per month) with an 8% donation percentage provides the school with a $200 profit.

  • Scrip is a relatively easy way to generate revenue our school needs. It requires minimal volunteer hours and cost to sustain the program. Since retailers provide the revenue based on purchases, it is not a financial burden to our families. It’s essentially FREE money!

  • Scrip is budgeted to generate $20,000 in revenue to support the operating budget of the school including: teacher and staff salaries, books and educational materials. Unlike other Parent Guild fundraisers, which support enrichment activities, Scrip revenue supports basic operating costs.

  • Families can keep track of their purchases in two ways:
    Quarterly: The Scrip Coordinator will produce a quarterly report for each family showing both Scrip and eScrip contributions. It is important that the family provides the Scrip Coordinator the name of registered eScrip cards so the family is properly credited.
    Any time: The family can email the Scrip Coordinator for an immediate status report.

  • Scrip commitments run from May 1 through April 30 of the following year. This allows adequate time for the Scrip reports to be completed and generated prior to re-registration in June.

  • Families may elect to buy-out of the Scrip program by making a direct contribution to the school of $200. (Please make a check payable to OLL). Payments for the buy-out option must be received by September 30 of each school year.

  • If a family does not make the full $200 school profit contribution by the end of the Scrip calendar year, the family will be required to make a contribution to the school for the difference between the amount of Scrip profit and $200 at re-registration time in June.


Scrip Forms

Scrip order envelopes forms are distributed once a month. They are also available in the school office and here.

Plan Ahead

Many scrip cards and certificates are available for immediate purchase at the school office. However, some popular items run out and special items must be ordered. Allow about two weeks for delivery.

  • Ralphs
    • Ralphs cards need to be registered each year after September 1 by visiting Sign in to your account or click Sign up Today to create a new account. Click My Account, Community Rewards and Edit Community Contribution Program. Enter OLL code #
  • eScrip Online Mall – Please print out your report and send into the office for credits.
    • Log In > Click View Reports